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First off, I would like to give a congradulations to President Trump, through media bias, smear campaigns and non stop attacks from assorted liberals who can't handle the fact anyone else has an opionion different from their own.  The silent majority and white working class finally had enough of their rights being trampeled on.  What Mr. Trumps campaign showed is that when European Americans get together they can beat anything through impossible odds.  The silent majority has been quiet for way to long and hopefully with his big victory we can have our long awaited start to truely make America great again.  
 By: Imperial Klazik Joe Mulligan
 I would personally like to express my disguist with the influx of syrian refugees entering our country and all of Western civilization.  I believe they need to stand up and fight for their country as we did in 1775-1783 for our freedom.  Perhaps we would care more, if they didn't come here, expecting handouts, disrespecting our culture and trying to impose sharia law wherever they go.  They expect us to change our beliefs, the same values that were carried onto us, things we were proud of and enjoyed while growing up, that our children are going to miss out on.  We as white angelo-saxons need to stand up and say NO MORE.  By: Imperial Wizard Tom Larson
My name is not my own, I borrowed it from my
ancestors.  I must return it unscathed
My honor is not my own its on loan from my
descendants.  I must return it unbroken.
Our blood is not our own, its a gift to generations
yet to be born, we should carry it with pride and should
carry it with responsability 
By: Imperial Kladd Ronald Boone

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Non Silba Sed Anthar