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Do not let those of the past cloud your judgment on what we are today and what we are trying to accomplish!  
We do wish to preserve the White Christian ways.
(The same way other races wish to preserve their race and beliefs!)

The East Coast Knights wish to take back  only the right of free speech, 
and right to say that we are White and Proud! 

We see people of all races walking with their heads held high, proud to be of whatever race 
or religion never to be persecuted or questioned as to their motives. 
Except for the Whites!

How long will the White Race have to continue persecution?  We will not let this continue! 
We know that there are those out there who strongly agree, but do not wish to stand up for your rights.
 The rights of your children, grand children and the future for those to come.

Think about your loved ones.
Those once considered minority races are flourishing recieving welfare handouts, Meanwhile, all the hard working people can't get a break. 
our own government is taking jobs away sending them over seas, putting hard working Americans out of jobs.
Taking food off the table, prices of gas are going up,
bills are to much to think about. We can go on and on, but its up to you America!
join the East Coast Knights and make a stand!

Once a member, you are family. 
We live by the Klans motto Non Silba, Sed Anthar. 
Which means not for self, but for others. 

As long as there are still true Americans with the fear of God in their hearts and the love of law and order in their minds,
there will always be a Ku Klux Klan fighting for truth and justice.

Who are we?

We are a Traditional Klan, sons and daughters of a new era of our Founding Fathers.
We hope this finds you well and ask that you will read this with an open mind. 
Our objective is not to offend anyone of any race, religion, or undermine your beliefs. 
That being said, please allow us to clear the air a bit.   We can honestly say that our intentions are not malicious.

We do seek to ensure a safe and secure future for Caucasian Americans, for that we will not apologize. 
We also are painfully aware of the horrible and hateful acts carried out by a few individuals. 
We fully understand the history of our organization and the stigmas attached to it. 
We strive to cleanse the Klan name by our positive actions.

Due to The History Channel, text books, and past actions (of members no longer living!). 
We accept that the name of the Klan is tarnished but we ask you in return, can people change? 
Can an organization evolve so much to overcome those stigmas and dark crevices of its past? 
We, the East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire, are fighting for the opportunity to change your mind.

We do not preach hate, and at no time would we react hatefully to any man, woman or child. 
Although many people consider us to be a hate group, we strive to help any living being that may need our assistance.


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Interested in joining but cant?
Well, you can still help!
Well as you know, an organization can't run without money, show your support and donate whatever you can.  We are a non profit organization and your donations can go a long way.